Filme sexe wecam doi10.4236ampc.2012.24B050 Published Online December 2012 htt pwww.SciRP.orgjournalampc Copyright 2012 SciRes. AMPC Lithologic Deposit in Delta Front Area Ma Dong Email madongpetrochina.com.cn ABSTRACT Recentl y the explored reserves submitted in the oil field mainly situate at the end of deposit in delta front area. During the exploitation and production problems mainly show on lithologic deposit for example reserves are low and difficulty of producing is huge . Based on results of sand body dissection of dense well network of developed oil deposit and combined with explored reserves this article researches a relation between extent of well control and reserves precision of explored reserves of lithologic deposit in delta front area by well diluted method. This article has significant influence on objectively understanding our une xploite d re s e rves. Keywords Delta Front Lithologic Deposit Extent of Well Control W

Bumble bee product crossword Study and Application of VFD in Water PumpsI. Introduction An annual electricity cost for Water Supply Company of Daqing Petroleum Administration takes about 30 of the total cost of water supply and the electricity cost for water transmission and distribution takes about 70 of that. Therefore adjusting the daily operation of the water pump to make the electricity consumption for each ton of water kept in a more economic and reasonable range is the focus for energy saving. We always have actively explored and studied seriously adopting efficient measures to solve the problems. II. Problems Longhupao Water Plant of the Company is situated at the north bank of Longhupao. It has a daily water supply capability of 500000 m3day. When it was designing in consideration of the middle term and long term planning and the worst water quantity and level two pump set types were selected in which one is a motor of 1400kW10kV and a water pump of 900HR H62m Q6360 m3h another one is a motor of 900kW10kV and a water pump of 700HR H62m Q3900m3h. The designed water supply for the first stage and second stage of the project of the second

Anonomouss sex chat kostenlosen oralsexchatAbstractThe trace element composition of the fish otolith is an indicator of biomineralization. In contrast to other skeletal tissue the otolith retains its entire original structure and does not absorb any elements after the fish dies. Because otoliths in carp degrade very slowly in the dead body the information it provides on the environment is retained even in fossil form. Here we report our analysis of the trace elements in otoliths of carp and of the water in Donghu Lake and Longhupao Lake Heilongjiang province China where the fish lived. The results revealed that the trace elements found in the carp otoliths were clearly correlated with those found in these water bodies. There were high concentrations of Au Ba K Sr and Zn in both the water and otoliths in contrast there were high levels of As Na and Se in water but low concentrations in otoliths. These results indicate that an analysis of the otoliths of carps provides an accurate procedure for studying the surrounding hydrochemistry conditions. The interaction of the elements during deposition was also studied. The correlation coeffici

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